EFORT e-Science

e-Science: the EFORT congress sessions online
e-Science: the EFORT congress sessions online

An initiative providing a comprehensive digital library of over 500 hours of scientific sessions presented during the past EFORT Congresses.

EFORT e-Science is not only beneficial for the specialists who were unable to attend the EFORT Congress but for those who missed important sessions they wanted to visit due to a conflicting schedule onsite.

With e-Science you can view sessions covering all the main orthopaedic and traumatology topics: spine, hip, polytrauma/pelvis, pain control, rehabilitation, upper limb trauma, osteoporosis, nurse, shoulder/elbow/arm/forearm, knee osseous, general orthopaedics, complications, basic science, technology, general education, foot/ankle/leg, bone & joint tumours, infection, sports/knee soft-tissue, hand & wrist, lower limb trauma, paediatrics and tribology.

VISIT eSCIENCE, it is a free-of-charge platform: http://efort.conference2web.com/

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