EFORT’s aims and ambitions  or (mission and vision) towards e-learning is:

  • to provide future tools for education, complement conventional courses and congresses,
  • improve accessibility to eLearning through continuous availability,
  • partnering with National and Speciality Societies through existing initiatives,
  • step wise introduction of different eLearning techniques (Webinars, eLearning online modules etc.),
  • exploit EFORT membership network,
  • unlock grant application potential, and
  • raise the ability of surgeons to use e-Learning.

EFORTnet, EFORT’s Community Platform and Resource Center:

The EFORTnet eLibrary is an unique orthopaedic and traumatology password protected resource center with over 19.000 educational documents, including  14.000+ abstracts and over 5.000 presentations from the past 8 EFORT annual congresses.



EFORTnet at a glance (as of 01 June 2017):

  • 15.203 registered users
  • 115 countries represented | 75 % users from Europe
  • 19.085 documents available on the eLibrary

EFORTnet, EFORT’s Community Platform and Resource Center:

BSR_300pxThe Basic Science and Research on-line course was launched on 1 June 2017 at the 18th EFORT Annual Congress held in Vienna, Austria.

Its objective is to support the required basic and advanced knowledge and skills for the orthopaedic community.

Who should attend:

  • Residents and young specialists that require updated summarized concepts in orthopaedic basic science to prepare for exams (EBOT, national registration & other).
  • Orthopaedic surgeons that plan to enter research - young specialists, residents or specialists planning to start or participate in projects, specialists screening new hypothesis to start new projects reviewing current state of the art and research opportunities.

This on-line course will integrate 4 moduli covering:

i)    study design
ii)    biology
iii)   biomechanics and biomaterials
iv)    fundamentals of general orthopaedic science.

Upon mandatory registration, the participants will receive

i)    lectures
ii)   material on the curriculum topics.

MCQs will be provided at the end of each presentation and attendance to the course will be awarded with an EFORT certificate.

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