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13th EFORT Congress 2012
Berlin | 23-25 May 2012
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Idea and format

Learning Objectives:
An opportunity for experienced speakers who give papers at international meetings to look again at their style and the impact of their work on the audience.

  • How to feel competent when presenting to an audience. Does it feel like a conversation or an ordeal?
  • How can you arrange your message to make it irresistible and compels people to join you?
  • What are the common mistakes in displaying content? This workshop can help you avoid these pitfalls
  • How the right body language reinforces what you’re saying—and how the wrong body language undermines your message.
  • What do you want to achieve? How to structure your communication to achieve your desired results?
  • How can you build your awareness of how everything you say affects those around you?

Primary target attendees:

Experienced Speaker who give papers at international meetings

Date / time:

WS2 = THU, 24 May 2012: 14.00 – 18.00 hrs
WS3 = FRI, 25 May 2012: 09.00 – 13.00 hrs

Fee / participant: EUR 150 incl. coffee break
Max. capacity: 6 persons each workshop (first come first basis)
Location Room: Koch


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  • Introduction and lecture:
  • What makes a good presenter?  - Interactive exercise with video input
  • Structuring arguments for maximum impact                                                              
  • Voice, articulation and emphasis    
  • Break into small groups to work on individual presentations                                
  • Presentations by individuals (one out of group)


Video-analyse and feedback                                                                                
-Coffee break-

  • Working with slides                                                            
  • Second round of presentations (one out of group)
  • Conclude / take home message

Session Material
All participants are required to bring along the following material:

  • Own Laptop
  • Presentation samples (2-3) at about 5 – 10 diff. slides max

Working with Angela Coles, one of the UK’s best known public speaking coaches, aims that each working group concentrate on improving delivery both in technique, argument and the use of effective slides. This practical coaching session is designed to assist experienced clinicians communicate scientific presentations with clarity. The sessions are aimed at developing the individual style of the presenter.

Advanced Scientific Programme
Call for Abstract
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