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13th EFORT Congress 2012
Berlin | 23-25 May 2012
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This format is a comprehensive review of specific surgical techniques, and may include a technical workshop. A critical review of the individual presentations will take place.

There will be ample opportunity for each attendee to speak directly with the presenters. Active involvement on the part of attendees will maximise the benefits of this unique encounter between faculty members and experienced participants.

The programme for each session is produced in cooperation with the appropriate European Speciality Society. The following sessions are planned:

  • Acetabular fractures
  • Revision in cruciate ligament reconstruction
  • Periprosthetic fractures around the hip and knee
  • Osteoporosis and the operative treatment of fragility fractures
Live Operation: New developments in treatment of cartilage lesions in the knee

Visit here the 3 live surgery videos from our ExMEx session on:

Chondroplasty with bone marrow aspiral & PRPĀ 
Osteochondral Reconstruction
Call for Abstract
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