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23rd EFORT annual Congress

Submit your abstract(s): remember your efforts are rewarded

The abstract submission for the 23rd EFORT Annual Congress is now open until 15 November 2021. Perhaps you are not yet quite sure to submit an abstract for next year’s face to face congress, so we thought we would bring to you what some of the awardees of the VEChybrid 2021 had to say.

In a dedicated interview which was organised during the VEC this year, you will get the chance to hear from some of the award recipients and their experiences. What were their motivations and how can an award contribute to the career path of an orthopaedic & trauma surgeon in training.

Also, you may be interested to know about the way abstracts are selected and what process they undergo. Watch final testimonials before submitting your abstract(s).

2021 awardees interviewed: Freek Verstraelen from the Netherlands, awarded best free paper, orthopedic GOLD - Ines Unterfrauner from Switzerland, awarded best free paper, orthopedic SILVER - Nikolaos Kanakaris, UK, best free paper Trauma Gold - Alexandra Leenders, Netherlands, Jacques Duparc award - Ahmad Faraz, UK, Jacques Duparc award.

Take the opportunity to take part in the EFORT Award competitions to receive one of the EFORT distinctions: three Free Paper Awards each for the best free papers in Orthopaedics and Trauma, and ten Jacques Duparc Awards for the best scored posters among all submitted abstracts.

Cobalt in Orthopaedic Implants

The EU Commission will, after receiving guidance from the ECHA on 01 October 2021, raise the concern level for Cobalt contained in medical devices.

Although the presence of cobalt and other metals, such as chromium, in orthopaedic implants has generated conflicting evidence related to potentially hazardous effects in patients, EFORT takes this potential side-effect very seriously.

Therefore, EFORT has taken the decision to perform clinical research on available evidence within its Implant, Patient & Staff Safety Initiative (IPSSI).


eScience Webcast highlights

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Pelvis, Hip & Femur

Indications For Acetabular Reorentation

by Klaus-Peter Günther 






Of Polytrauma

by Pierre Hoffmeyer

Orthopaedics: Pelvis, Hip & Femur


Joint Infections –

Focus On Diagnostics

by Tobias Winkler


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