Educational Courses

The EOTEP platform offers different course formats:

  • Courses organised by a National Association or a Specialty Society, and featured as part of the EOTEP.
  • Courses co-organised by EFORT in collaboration with National Associations or Specialty Societies.
  • Courses organised by EFORT (full responsibility in organisation and management of the course).

EOTEP Accredited Events

Date/Time Event Category
30 August 2021 Webinar: The recurrent clubfoot

15 September 2021 Webinar: Spondylolisthesis

05 October 2021 Webinar: Pediatric Meniscal Injuries

14 October 2021 Webinar: Multiple Osteochondromas

20 October 2021 - 22 October 2021 7th EPOS BAT Instructional Course Trilogy Part II: Paediatric Trauma
Vienna, Austria

22 November 2021 Webinar: Bone Cyst: Is it as simple as it looks?

21 January 2022 Webinar: Congenital Femoral Deficiency and Fibular Hemimelia

19 February 2022 Webinar: Nerve injuries in the upper limb

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