European Surgical Orthopaedics and Traumatology - The EFORT text book

Ed. 2014, Approx. 4950 p.
3400 illus., 1700 illus. in color.
7 volumes, not available separately

The EFORT Textbook is a part of the Springer Reference titles serie, which highlights some of the most important and utilized titles published by Springer.

The EFORT Textbook:

  • Guides the reader through the total management of the patient, including surgical techniques.
  • Has been written by recognized international authorities.
  • Its didactic style is appropriate for those preparing for examinations.
  • Provides abundant illustrations highlighting the essentials of each clinical scenario.

This important reference textbook covers the surgical management of all major orthopaedic and traumatological conditions.

The book will act as the major source of education and guidance in surgical practice for surgeons and trainees, especially those preparing for higher surgical examinations and the Board of Orthopaedics and Traumatology examinations within and beyond Europe.

The emphasis throughout is on the application of current knowledge and research to technical problems, how to avoid operative problems, and how to salvage complications if they occur. The didactic text is complemented by abundant illustrations that highlight the essentials of each clinical scenario.

The authors are all recognized international authorities active at congresses and workshops as well as in universities and hospitals across the world.

Editor: G. Bentley, Edition 2014

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