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The EFORT Orthopaedic Event Calendar lists EFORT congresses, instructional courses and other events, orthopaedic national and specialty society congresses and courses, meetings of international orthopaedic societies, and courses that have been developed and will be presented by international societies.

What is not listed:

  • Events presented by the industry and by individuals or third parties are not listed in the EFORT Orthopaedic Event Calendar.


This calendar provides an overview of orthopaedic & traumatology-related congresses, events and meetings across the world. We believe the information on this site to be accurate, timely and qualitatively high enough to interest the orthopaedic and traumatology community, however due to the fact that we rely on information provided by external sources we are not in a position to make any warranty or guarantee concerning the accuracy or reliability of the content at this site or other sites to which we link. Hence their scientific content is not necessarily endorsed by EFORT, unless stated otherwise. For more information on any non-EFORT and/or non-“EFORT approved event”, we ask you to contact the organisers directly. Please note that this disclaimer does not apply to EFORT and EFORT approved events.

How to list your congress, course or events:

If you wish to list your congress, course or event in the EFORT Orthopaedic Event Calendar, please fill the following for, with the following details, all these details are mandatory, without that information you will not able to send us your event to be listed:

List your event

  • Please provide the name of the organisation that mandates or organises your event.
  • Please provide the official name of your event.
  • Please provide the official URL of your event.
  • Please provide the start date of your event
  • Please provide the end date of your event
  • For added security, please type both words above, separated by a space. If you can't read the words please click in the blue audio icon in the right for an audio captcha (type what you hear with a space between each word).
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