EFORT Board & Executive Committee

The EFORT Board is elected by the National Delegates of the EFORT National Member Societies during the General Assemblies for a period of one year; some terms are re-electable.

The Board is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Federation and comprises ten voting members including four members at large coming from different European countries.

The EFORT Executive Committee is composed by the EFORT Board members, the Executive Board members and the Co-opted members.

EGomez_Barrena_75x120 EFORT President 2022-2023
Prof. Dr. Enrique GÓMEZ BARRENA| Spain
Curriculum Vitae | PDF document | 3 pages | 410kb
LFT_370x577px Immediate Past President
Prof. Dr. Li FELLÄNDER-TSAI | Sweden
Chair of the EFORT Travelling & Visiting Fellowships
DL_new_120x85 EFORT First Vice President
Mr. David LIMB | United Kingdom
Curriculum Vitae | PDF document | 1 page | 210kb
TKarachalios_250px EFORT Second Vice President
Prof. Dr. Theofilos KARACHALIOS | Greece
Chair Finance Committee
R_Nelissen_115px EFORT Secretary General
Prof. Dr. Rob NELISSEN | The Netherlands

Prof. Dr. Gilles PASQUIER | France

Member at Large
Prof. Dr. Katre MAASALU | Estonia
Curriculum Vitae | PDF document | 2 pages | 140kb
  Member at Large
Dr. René MIHALIČ| Slovenia

Member at Large
Prof. Dr. Stefan NEHRER | Austria
Chair Education Committee
Curriculum Vitae | PDF document | 2 pages | 270kb
  Young Member at Large
Dr. Filipe LIMA SANTOS | Portugal

N_Allington_250px Co-opted Member
Dr. Nanni ALLINGTON, | Belgium
President UEMS Orthopaedic Section
  Co-opted Member
Dr. Cristina ALVES | Portugal
Chair EFORT Travelling & Fellowship Programme  



Co-opted Member
Prof. Dr. Thierry BÉGUÉ | France
Vice Chair Education Committee – Trauma Education Group


  Co-opted Member
Prof. Dr. Thomas BLATTERT | Germany
Chair Specialty Societies within Orthopaedics Committee  


  Co-opted Member
Prof. Dr. José Antonio HERNÁNDEZ HERMOSO | Spain
Chair EFORT Fora  


P_Hoffmeyer_115px Co-opted Member
Prof. Dr. Pierre HOFFMEYER | Switzerland
Editor-in-Chief EFORT Open Reviews
Co-opted Member
Ass. Prof. Dr. Per KJAERSGAARD-ANDERSEN | Denmark
Chair EU Affairs Committee
  Co-opted Member
Prof. Dr. Christophe LOHMANN | Germany
Vice Chair EFORT Education Committee – Basic Research Group
Co-Opted Member
| Greece
FOrTE President
  Co-Opted Member
Prof. Dr. Maziar MOHADDES
| Sweden
Chair NORE Committee
Soren_Overgaard_picture_bw2 Co-Opted Member
Prof. Dr. Søren OVERGAARD | Denmark
Chair EFORT Science Committee
H_Sur_85x126px Co-opted Member
Prof. Dr. Hakki SUR | Turkey
Chair Ethics Committee
Thorngren Co-Opted Member
Prof. Dr. Karl-Göran THORNGREN | Sweden
Chair EFORT Foundation
Curriculum Vitae | PDF document | 4 pages | 60kb
L_Zagra_115px Co-opted Member
Prof. Dr. Luigi ZAGRA | Italy
Vice Chair Education Committee – Orthopaedics

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