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Issue II - September 2023

25th EFORT annual Congress

The thrill of collaboration for success awaits – Submit your abstract!

We are nothing without each other. As Orthopaedic and Traumatology surgeons we can only serve our patients as part of a team and we can improve the outcomes for our patients by working not only on our own personal development, but on every action and interaction that contributes to the patients journey.

For the 25th EFORT Annual Congress 2024 in Hamburg, Germany we have chosen the main theme “Collaborating for Success”: engage with us to drive collaboration, sharing advances in knowledge and techniques across national borders.

Step into the spotlight as the abstract submission process just opened!

Now is the time to ignite your curiosity and evaluate your role in this exciting programme. By submitting one or more abstracts by 15 November 2023, you will unlock the doors to an exclusive network of passionate professionals, each fueled by their wealth of experience and knowledge.

We are returning to Germany, making a grand debut in the hanseatic city of Hamburg for our 2024 congress. At the heart of this event lies a theme that transcends borders and boundaries, celebrating the essential cooperation that enables us to share and learn from one another.

But it doesn't stop there – we delve into the vast web of networking activities that drive our specialty forward.

Imagine your work and research project taking center stage on an international platform! Accepted abstracts, whether presented as captivating poster displays, interactive poster walks, or engaging oral sessions will bask in the limelight of a diverse and exceptional audience from the O&T community, spanning across the entire European continent and reaching out to the far corners of the globe.

Get ready to engage in thought-provoking discussions, exchanges of knowledge and ideas that will drive both the advancement of medical practices and the promotion of EFORT's growth in unison.

The time is now: submit your abstract!

The thrill of collaboration for success awaits, and we can't wait to welcome you aboard to see you in Hamburg next year!

eScience Webcast highlights

This month's selection from EFORT comprehensive digital library

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Modern Techniques

In The Treatment



Bone Tumours

by Andreas Leithner

Complex Lateral And Posterior Tibial Plateau Fracture Treated Through A Modified Frosch Approach

by Vincenzo Salini






by Anna van der Windt


European expert recommendations on clinical investigation

and evaluation of high-risk medical devices for children

A new meeting report has been published from Acta Pediatrica.

Several high-risk medical devices for children have become unavailable in the European Union (EU), since requirements and costs for device certification increased markedly due to the EU Medical Device Regulation.

The EU-funded CORE-MD project held a workshop in January 2023 with experts from various child health specialties, representatives of European paediatric associations, a regulatory authority and the European Commission Directorate General Health and Food Safety.

A virtual follow-up meeting took place in March 2023. We developed recommendations for investigation of high-risk medical devices for children building on participants’ expertise and results of a scoping review of clinical trials on high-risk medical devices in children.

Approaches for evaluating and certifying high-risk medical devices for market introduction are proposed.

CORE-MD is a European Union Horizon 2020 project. It reviews methods for evaluating high-risk medical devices in order to translate expert evidence into advice for EU regulators and to recommend an appropriate balance between innovation, safety , and clinical effectiveness.


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