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Issue II - February 2024

25th EFORT annual Congress

Unveiling The Honorary Lectures at this year’s EFORT congress

From Innovation to Impact: enhancing patient outcomes through evidence-based practices and new technologies

The much-anticipated EFORT annual Congress in Hamburg, themed Collaborating for Success, is proud to present the two distinguished Honorary Lecturers who promise to fuel discussions around the future of orthopaedic surgery.

“Embracing new technologies in surgical practices

not only signifies a commitment to innovation but also holds the promise

of improving patient outcomes and advancing the field of surgery.”

For the Erwin Morscher Honorary Lecture on Thursday 23 May 2024, guest speaker Prof. Dr. Matthew Costa, Professor of Orthopaedic Trauma at the University of Oxford, UK will delve into “Measuring clinical effectiveness in trauma and orthopaedic surgery: which questions and how to answer them”.

Moreover, we are honoured that Prof. Dr. Nicolaas C. Budhiparama, 2nd Vice-President of Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association will lend his expertise to the Michael Freeman Honorary Lecture on Friday 24 May 2024 with his presentation “The Future of Knee Arthroplasty Surgery is Here: How Asia Pacific is Embracing New Technologies”.

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, the journey from embracing new technologies and adopting evidence-based approaches to measuring clinical effectiveness culminates in one paramount goal: improving patient outcomes.

Seen as a journey, the two sessions represent a continuum of innovation, collaboration, and dedication to enhancing the quality of care provided to patients.


Alain C. Masquelet wins the

2024 Meyer Award for Innovative Tissue Reconstruction

Prof. Dr. Alain C. Masquelet from Paris France has achieved the highest international recognition in orthopaedics by being awarded the prestigious Meyer Award.

He becomes the second recipient which honors groundbreaking discoveries or “disruptive” innovative advancements benefiting orthopaedic patients, created by either an individual or a group.

Masquelet is recognised for his pioneering work in using the biological potential of a patient's own tissue to reconstruct soft tissue and bone defects.

During the EFORT Congress, Professor Masquelet will discuss the intellectual approach and creative process that have resulted in the contributions leading to this award, aiming to provide a foundation for future research and to inspire young participants.

Last reminder to all Congress presenters

Remember, as an author with accepted abstract(s) 

you are invited to register by the 29 February 2024 

at the latest. 

The same deadline for Early Bird Registration fees applies: there's only one week left to take advantage of the best rates!

eScience Webcast highlights

This month's selection from EFORT comprehensive digital library

comprised of +17,900 scientific sessions recorded

Innovative Materials Today &In The Future

How Innovative Materials Can Increase Longevity In Hip Arthroplasty


Jochen Hofstaetter




Complication Management Following Proximal Tibia Fractures


Steffen Ruchholtz

ESTES Session: Thoracolumbar Spine




On Thoracolumbar Spine Fractures


Frank Bloemers


Save the date for the CORE-MD Webinar on

Patient Reported Outcome Measures

It is often said that PROMS offer valuable information to improve the quality of care. The CORE-MD Consortium has undertaken research to evaluate the potential utility of PROMS in the clinical evaluation and investigation process as well as in the postmarket surveillance phase.

Dr. Ola Rolfson and John Chaplin from Gotenburg University, Sweden have led the study and will present their findings and their recommendations during the upcoming CORE-MD webinar on Patient Reported Outcome Measures to take place on 04 March 2024 from 17:00 CET.

CORE-MD is a European Union Horizon 2020 project. It reviews methods for evaluating high-risk medical devices in order to translate expert evidence into advice for EU regulators and to recommend an appropriate balance between innovation, safety , and clinical effectiveness.


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