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VEChybrid 2021

Covid-19 related sessions

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic hospitals in all countries are facing similar problems. The proposed sessions on Covid during this year’s Virtual EFORT Congress (VEC) have been developed to share experience with scientific value and to address colleagues and patients who want to learn more on the progress in the management of the pandemic.

Watch the message from Prof. Dr. Enrique Gómez Barrena, EFORT Second Vice President, on the VEC Covid-19 related sessions. 


Find all details of two Covid-19 Free Paper Sessions on Wednesday 30 June

• at 09:30 Impact Of COVID-19 On Orthopaedics And Trauma 1

• at 11:00 Impact Of COVID-19 On Orthopaedics And Trauma 2

EFORT Implant & Patient Safety Initiative (IPSI)

During the EFORT Implant & Patient Safety Initiative inaugural workshop on 21 January 2020 in Brussels, EFORT presented this Initiative and discussed issues around development, introduction and clinical application of implants with a focus on arthroplasty-related topics.

Since then, three working groups are preparing recommendations for surgeons, patients and industry on the topics of Introduction of new implants, Off-label use and Mix&Match and Collection and Analysis of Implants Retrieved during Revision.

VEChybrid 2021

Interactive Expert Exchange (IEE) sessions

The IEE sessions scheduled for the Virtual EFORT Congress 2021 will present extensive discussions between specialists confronting each other’s daily practice on four key topics: fractures around the elbow in children; how to obtain a correct knee alignment; fusion techniques in spine surgery; and management of severe defects in revision THA.

The controversy raised by the direct exchange between the audience and the Faculty panel aims at challenging each indication or technique before leading to a consensus through two rounds of voting. Through the question “What would you do?” the existing evidence will be debated and the most persuasive advice will be gathered from experts also presenting clinical cases as accurate examples of both success and failure.


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EFORT e-learning

Have you missed the last EFORT Webinar?

The EFORT Webinar on Elbow Injuries which took place on 31 May 2021 is now available for replay.

The objective of this Webinar was to improve awareness and knowledge of the indications, techniques and results of osteotomy procedures about the knee.


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