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Issue II - May 2023

24th EFORT Annual Congress

Did you know spotlight session:

Four topical sessions moving the O&T Community not to miss!

There are several areas that will impact and enable the current and next generations to improve the overall quality of the profession in orthopaedics and traumatology.

Focus on patient-centered care, continued research and innovation coupled with interdisciplinary collaboration. Through a series of four sessions, we wanted to present and illustrate aspects around advances in technology, emphasis on education and training and public health and EU initiatives.

The topic on Digitalisation in Orthopaedics: Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning in Clinical Orthopaedics And Research will offer an interactive session and tackle Machine Learning (ML) and AI to improve clinical research and practice in orthopaedics and traumatology by providing more accurate diagnoses, personalised treatment plans, and predictive analytics.

The Art Of Scientific Publishing: What happens to your submitted manuscript and its way from submission to publication – Is the impact factor alone an indicator to measure the journal's influence and prestige? Come and listen to our experts and find out if EOR could increase the visibility and reach of your research work and enhance its academic reputation. 

New Training Modules And Best Practice In The Delivery Of CME/CPD Lifelong Learning gives an overview on EFORT’s main educational offerings and will point out new avenues. 

EU Affairs: EFORT through its affiliations has a voice within initiatives of leading European medical societies including more than 400,000 researchers and health professionals. This session will review some of the successes which brought EFORT closer to shaping the future and legal framework of the surgeon’s work.


Discover the latest in medical technology: attend the mini-satellites

Mini-satellites are like laser beams for educational or promotional sessions taking place at the Marketplace, and organised by a selected number of companies. 

They provide information about the latest products, services, or developments within the MedTech industry.

Mini-satellites may be small in size but represent a valuable way for attendees to gain insights and knowledge about specific products and trends as well as to connect with other professionals who share similar interests or goals. 

Do explore this new format! This new learning experience is delivered by industry experts and thought leaders, who will share their knowledge and insights in a more intimate setting, allowing for greater engagement and interaction.

Download the EFORT Congress App

The EFORT App is an easy-to-use tool that helps participants immerse themselves into the conference in a much more vivid and alluring way.

The EFORT Corporate App which contains the EFORT Congress 2023 App altogether!

Search for EFORT in your application store for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and/or Android systems and download the app now!

The EFORT App provides features allowing you to:

  • View sessions day-by-day, by topic and type of session. You can also access the abstracts that are being presented at the congress.
  • Create your personal programme (use the Favorite icon in the App
  • Participate in our interactive voting sessions straight from your mobile device. These are highlighted at the start of each session in front and in the session room.
  • Browse the exhibitor list and create your list of favorite exhibitors to visit.
  • Direct Access to EFORT’s high level scientific publications such as EOR Instructional Lectures, CRC Syllabus 2023, White Book and much more.

Venture building for innovation in O&T

A new session topic emerges from the programme to further underline the importance of Building the Future of Orthopaedics and Traumatology: Collaborative funding for Start-ups. 

With the newly integrated session From Idea To Innovation To Safe Bed-Side Application: Venture Building For Innovation the presenters seize an opportunity to bring this process of creating and growing new startups from scratch.

Like with many new initiatives it is all about identifying a patient healthcare problem which can be put into a business idea, developing a plan, and building a team with scientists, clinician and businessmen to execute the plan. Let’s see how in healthcare, this venture building also follows the path from bench to bed-side to ensure that the point of care, where providers apply these innovations will be able to diagnose and treat patients. 

With John Brennan (Head of Government Affairs Western Europe for Medtronic, representing MedTech Europe) we bring you insights from international and seasoned entrepreneurs which will explain how to explore opportunities in Europe for start-ups and established companies in the medtech industry. 

For you as a surgeon, looking into the clockwork of the interactions between start-ups and established companies can help you leverage expertise and clinical insights to develop and contribute to bring new products to the market. 


eScience Webcast highlights

This month's selection from EFORT comprehensive digital library

comprised of +12,000 scientific sessions recorded





Proximal femur fractures

in patients taking anticoagulants

by Peter Giannoudis


Girdle Trauma

What Would You Do?





Kushtrim Grezda

Non-Reducible By Traction Per-Trochanteric Fracture


the close fracture

is defeat


Gilbert Taglang


Medical Device for children

The CORE-MD Project aims to recommend an appropriate balance between clinical efficacy, safety, and innovation for high-risk medical devices.

On 17 and 18 April 2023, the CORE-MD consortium met at the Faculty Club of the Catholic University of Leuven to review progress made, share and discuss results of studies.

The Project Board meeting is the annual meeting of partners involved in CORE-MD. In this respect, representatives from Regulators, Notified Bodies, Scientific Societies, Patients, Universities as well as experts of the project Advisory Board conveyed in Leuven to explore the project outputs.

Divided into seven sessions, the programme of this Project Board meeting enabled task leaders to present their findings and discuss it among participants. […]

The ouputs presented at the Project Board meeting will be published in Scientific papers in the coming weeks and will be made available on CORE-MD website.


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