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Issue I - March 2023

24th EFORT annual Congress

Michael Freeman Honorary Lecture 2023

Mentorship and Preclinical Translational Research:

The Scientific Basis of Orthopaedic Surgery

Professor Michael Freeman was such a role model. Today we honour this great individual, who continues to have a profound influence on orthopaedics.

EFORT is delighted to welcome Dr. Goodman to Vienna. He will present this year’s Michael Freeman Honorary Lecture at the 24th EFORT Annual Congress with the session titled “Mentorship and Preclinical Translational Research: The Scientific Basis of Orthopaedic Surgery”.

“Areas of academic pursuit are insufficient without the close mentorship of individuals who function as role models for the aspiring surgeon.”

Stuart B. Goodman MD PhD is the Robert L. and Mary Ellenburg Professor of Surgery, and Professor with Tenure in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Stanford University.

He has a courtesy appointment in the Department of Bioengineering, and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chemistry, Engineering and Medicine for Human Health (ChEM-H) at Stanford University. 

He was Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery at Stanford University from 1994-2002.

The scientific basis of orthopaedic surgery and the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders in general rest on a foundation of 3 disciplines: biology, biomechanics, and biomaterials. However, these areas of academic pursuit are insufficient without the close mentorship of individuals who function as role models for the aspiring surgeon.

To practice orthopaedic surgery in an evidence based, logical manner, initially, one must have a clear grasp of the fundamental scientific principles of our specialty. Thus, the pursuit of basic and translational research has been a passion for most of his career.

Attendance to this Honorary Lecture is included in the full-congress registration.

Early Registration Deadline: 1 week left to benefit from the best rates!

You have until 15 March 2023 to register with the early bird registration fees for the 24th EFORT Annual Congress.

Register now through our online platform and join us from 24 to 26 May 2023 in Vienna, Austria!


EFORT Open Reviews

High-quality instructional peer-reviewed articles

across the whole field of Orthopaedics and Traumatology


VOL.8, N° 02, FEBRUARY 2023

📄 The ideal patient positioning in spine surgery: a preventive strategy

Paulo Diogo Cunha, Tiago P Barbosa, Guilherme Correia, Rafaela Silva, Nuno Cruz Oliveira, Pedro Varanda, and Bruno Direito-Santos


📄 SPINE: High heterogeneity and no significant differences in clinical outcomes of endoscopic foraminotomy vs fusion for lumbar foraminal stenosis: a meta-analysis

Michiel Vande Kerckhove, Henri d'Astorg, Sonia Ramos-Pascual, Mo Saffarini, Vincent Fiere, and Marc Szadkowski


📄 Is thyroid disease associated with post-operative complications after total joint arthroplasty?

A systematic review of the literature

Stavros Tsotsolis, 

Eustathios Kenanidis, 

Vasileios F Pegios, 

Michael Potoupnis,

and Eleftherios Tsiridis

Top 10 articles most popular in 2022

As we look back at EFORT Open Reviews' successes of 2022, we would like to say thanks to our hard-working authors and readers who have carried out research, and published their findings, to further the exchange of scientific knowledge and experience in the field of diseases and injuries concerning the musculoskeletal system.

The journal's Editorial Team has collated the top 10 most viewed articles that were published in 2022.

We hope you find them interesting and informative.


EFORT e-learning

Save the date for the upcoming

EFORT Webinar

On Monday 27 March 2023 at 19:00 CET, the EFORT Webinar on Lower Limb Deformity Correction will be chaired by João Vide, Portugal.

The objectives of this webinar are to:

  • To know the rules and principles of deformity evaluation and correction;
  • To be able to assess the location and magnitude of the deformity, choose the location of correction, and plan the execution of the correction;
  • To be able to carefully plan the correction in the frontal and sagittal planes as well as in biplanar deformities.

An application has been made to the UEMS EACCME® for CME accreditation of this webinar.

This Webinar is organised by EFORT independent of any commercial educational support.

Have you missed this EFORT Webinar?

Floating Knee Injuries, the EFORT Webinar which took place on 30 January 2023 is now available for replay.

Chaired by Michael Brix, Denmark, the objectives were:

  • Indications and advantages with nails, plates and frames;
  • Indications and timing: what to do first;
  • Concomitant ligamentous and meniscal injuries in the floating knee;
  • Case-based learning and evidence for the best treatment.

Programme included presentations on:

  • Early and Definitive Treatment Timing | Philippe Adam, France
  • What is Best: Nails, Plates or Frames? | Vincenzo Salini, Italy
  • Concomitant Ligamentous and Meniscal Injuries | Steffen Schröter, Germany

CORE-MD Webinar

Orthopaedic Implants and Medical Device Regulation


On Monday 30 January 2023, the first CORE-MD Project webinar took place.

For those of you who could not attend the live event, we are pleased to inform you that this webinar on Orthopaedic Implants and Medical Device Regulation is available for replay in open access.

Should you wish to remain informed of upcoming webinars, do not hesitate to subscribe to the CORE-MD newsletter


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