About the host city

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Copenhagen (København) has a long history well integrated with today‘s modern life. The city is a multicultural centre thanks to past and current immigration – a fact that contributes to Copenhagen‘s international atmosphere.

Small and welcoming, amenable and relaxed, Copenhagen, the premier capital of northern Europe, is Scandinavia‘s most fantastic city and the centre of the most dynamic region in Europe, Øresund. The city is one of Europe‘s oldest capitals with a royal touch – the monarchy in Denmark is the oldest in the world!

Historically, Copenhagen owes its existence to its position on the narrow Øresund strait separating Denmark from Sweden and commanding the entrance to the Baltic – one of the great trading routes of medieval Europe. The magnificent new Øresund Bridge, which links the city with Malmö and southern Sweden, was opened in 2000.

Architecturally, much of Copenhagen dates from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It is a cultured ensemble of handsome renaissance palaces, parks and merchant houses laid out around the waterways and canals that give the city, in places, a pronounced Dutch flavour.

Useful link: www.visitcopenhagen.com

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