Tips for Congress Exhibitors

  • Offer sensible giveaways from recyclable or natural materials
  • Share appliances and equipment with neighbouring exhibitors
  • Choose overnight accommodation for stand staff that is as close as possible to the congress venue
  • Transport items with a minimum of vehicles
  • Use public transport, and form car-sharing groups
  • Use reusable materials
  • Handling stand components correctly extends their useful life
  • Dispose of non-reusable materials properly (recycle!)
  • Multiple-use congress concept
  • Use energy-efficient technology (LED and low-energy bulbs, A++ refrigerator, etc.) - (LEDs are often too heavy for congress constructions)
  • Use collapsible and foldable display technology (-30m2)
  • Investigate environmentally-friendly printed matter and determine realistic quantities in advance
  • Environmentally-friendly catering (food & beverage), both regional and seasonal
  • Use reusable plates, etc., and avoid plastic = reduce waste
  • Keep water consumption to a minimum
  • Clever reusable packaging that is easy to stack
  • Use local staff on your stand (reduce flight emissions)
  • Keep the volume that needs to be transported and stored as low as possible
  • Don't use standby functions overnight
  • Set-up days: shut off power overnight

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