Presentation Guidelines

POWERPOINT Presentation tips

  • Speakers must adhere strictly to the scheduled times according the programme.

  • Only computer projection will be available. No overhead or slide projectors will be available in meeting rooms, and it will not be possible to use personal laptops.

  • Speakers are kindly requested to use PowerPoint (Office 03/07, Windows or Mac). The uploading of DVD movies is NOT supported.

  • We recommend using “.gif” and “.jpg” formats for images. Other types of extension will be accepted, provided that they are recognised by PowerPoint.
    MPEG2 is the preferred format for embedded movies, but *.avi, *.wmv are also accepted. If Codecs are used, the Code package DIVx in the current version should be chosen. This can be found at www.divx.com. Confirm that all needed files are in the SAME FOLDER as your presentation.

  • Use large fonts (the minimum font size should be 18 points). If you cannot fit all your subjects on a slide without moving to a smaller font, break the points up onto separate slides. Sans serif fonts are recommended.

  • Confirm that your presentation contains only standard fonts. For cross-platform compatibility, the use of Times Roman, Arial, Verdana is advised. Some other fonts may not transfer properly from your computer to the system used for presentation.

  • Limit each slide to one main idea with three to six points. More than six points (bullets) and your audience will have difficulty reading the slide. 7-10 Slides for 7 minutes Free Paper presentation and e-poster; Max. 5 Slides for 3 minutes Free Paper presentation.

  • The use of CD-Rom’s, USB pens or memory sticks is advisable to download presentations easily at the AV Preview Centre.

Presentation delivery

    E-posters presentations have to be uploaded on the EFORT abstract page (
    http://abstracts.efort.org) by 20 May 2011 by the latest. After that date, submissions will close and no further studies will be accepted to be shown as E-poster.

    On-site/ AV preview centre

  • Speakers with PowerPoint presentations on CD Roms, USB pens/sticks:
    Please report to the AV preview centre at least 2 hours ahead of your presentation or the day before.

  • Speakers with presentation on their own laptop (we discourage this procedure):
    Please report to the AV preview centre at least 4 hours ahead of your presentation or the day before.

  • These timings will allow your presentation to be downloaded onto the main computer.

  • If you are conducting more than one speech during the Congress, you may upload all your presentations at the same time and they will be sent to the corresponding session hall at the time of your session.

  • Please note:
    Traditional slides are not allowed.

  • Please check your presentation carefully on the preview room computer assigned by the staff before the final sign off.

  • For any further information please contact the EFORT Scientific Coordination at:

    Tel. +41 44 448 44 00 - Fax +44 448 44 11, E-mail scicom@efort.org