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14th EFORT Congress 2013
Istanbul | 5-8 June 2013
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Each session may include:

1. Introduction

The moderator introduces the topics & the audience answers 10 open questions during an initial voting session (5 min, with electronic system). The speakers present evidence linked to the questions that have been addressed previously (5 x 5 min) as a theoretical symposium.

2. Discussion

Break-out in groups (5 x 20 participants), in which the speakers present the cases and ask "what would you do?" to stimulate audience input.

3. Summary

Each speaker presents their conclusions as a prelude to a second voting session. The concluding remarks between the moderator and the speakers are based on the voting results.

Live Operation: New developments in treatment of cartilage lesions in the knee

Visit here the 3 live surgery videos from our ExMEx session on:

Chondroplasty with bone marrow aspiral & PRP
Osteochondral Reconstruction
Call for Abstract
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