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14th EFORT Congress 2013
Istanbul | 5-8 June 2013

Oral presentation of Free Papers are expected to have very high scientific quality and should correspond to complete studies with outstanding results and innovative conclusions.

The work needs to be scheduled for 7 minutes of presentation (maximum 10 slides) and 3 minutes of discussion with the audience.

  • Speakers must adhere strictly to the scheduled times according the programme.
  • Only computer projection will be available. No overhead or slide projectors will be available in meeting rooms, and it will not be possible to use personal laptops.  The use of CD-Rom's, USB pens or memory sticks is advisable to download presentations easily at the AV Preview Centre.
  • Speakers are kindly requested to use PowerPoint (Office 03/07, Windows or Mac). The uploading of DVD movies is NOT supported.
  • We recommend using ".gif" and ".jpg" formats for images. Other types of extension will be accepted, provided that they are recognised by PowerPoint.
    MPEG2 is the preferred format for embedded movies, but *.avi, *.wmv are also accepted. If Codecs are used, the Code package DIVx in the current version should be chosen. This can be found at www.divx.com. Confirm that all the necessary files are in the SAME FOLDER as your presentation.
  • Use large fonts (the minimum font size should be 18 points). If you cannot fit all your subjects on a slide without moving to a smaller font, break the points up onto separate slides. Sans Serif, Times Roman, Arial, Verdana fonts are recommended.

Call for Abstract
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