Basic Science

The Basic Science and Research on-line course objective is to support the required basic and advanced knowledge and skills for the orthopaedic community. Who should attend

  • Residents and young specialists that require updated summarized concepts in orthopaedic basic science to prepare for exams (EBOT, national registration & other).
  • Orthopaedic surgeons that plan to enter research – young specialists, residents or specialists planning to start or participate in projects, specialists screening new hypothesis to start new projects reviewing current state of the art and research opportunities.

This on-line course will integrate 4 moduli covering:

i) study design, ii) biology, iii) biomechanics and biomaterials, iv) fundamentals of general orthopaedic science.

Upon mandatory registration, the participants will receive

i) lectures, ii) material on the curriculum topics.

MCQs will be provided at the end of each presentation and attendance to the course will be awarded with an EFORT certificate. More information:!courses

This booklet summarizes the basic terminology regarding material / mechanical properties of Ca-P ceramics and will explain their effect on biological and mechanical behavior. Also the Diamond concept for bone healing is explained and supported by illustrative cases.

The primary reason for the compilation of this book is the fact that there is little guidance about implementation of Ca-P ceramics in clinical practice. As a lecturer I have been confronted with a lot of interest in this topic over the years but unable to find an adequate summary of these topics directed towards clinical implementation.

This book is by no means intented as a comprehensive overview but aims to raise awareness and stimulate discussion regarding Ca-P ceramics for bone healing use in clinical practice. I trust you will find this a usefull addition to your clinical practice and education.

  • Biomaterials for bone healing | PDF document | 35 pages | 2 Mb
    By Chris Arts | Associate Professor Translational Biomaterials | Maastricht UMC and Eindhoven University of Technology


EFORT e-Science is an initiative providing a comprehensive digital library of over 7.800+ audio presentations of scientific sessions (webcasts) presented during the past EFORT Annual Congresses since 2012.

Over 125 webcasts related to Basic Science are available.

EFORT e-Science is not only beneficial for the specialists who were unable to attend the EFORT Congress but for those who missed important sessions they wanted to visit due to a conflicting schedule onsite.

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