Expert Interview: Preventive analgesia as part of a wholistic approach to pain management

EFORT engaged with Dr. Luis Javier Roca Ruiz of the department of orthopaedics and traumatology at Virgen Macarena University Hospital in Seville, Spain to discuss his positive views of preventive analgesia and the role it plays in avoiding the chronification of acute pain and reducing the risks of disability. During our discussions, Roca Ruiz provided […]

Expert Interview: Role of postoperative pain management programmes in restoration of function, mobilisation

EFORT conducted the following interview with Prof. Dr. Christian Simanski, chief of the department of orthopaedic trauma, hand and foot surgery at St. Martinus Hospital in Langenfeld, Germany. Prior to his role at St. Martinus, Simanski was the senior registrar for orthopaedic and trauma surgery in the department of trauma and orthopaedic surgery at the […]

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