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Shoulder and elbow operations: “low-grade” infections as a growing problem

Low-grade infections following shoulder and elbow surgeries pose a growing problem that cannot be solved either through standard techniques of disinfection or through arthroscopic surgery, experts told the 16th EFORT Congress in Prague. Prague, 27 May 2015 – Postoperative infections continue to pose a major challenge in orthopaedic surgery – especially also after shoulder and […]

Online orthopaedic information often of low quality, difficult to understand and commercially motivated

Web users searching for information on orthopaedic procedures such as hip and knee replacements often come across dubious content, according to recent studies presented at the EFORT Congress in London. Only 14 percent of sites offering high-quality information are understandable for members of the general public. Experts recommended that users give preference to sites certified […]

Fractures in the elderly: a major challenge for health systems in the future

Epidemiological trends indicate that annual cases of hip fracture in Europe will double by 2050, experts told the EFORT Congress in London. Better data on fractures in elderly people are needed in order to plan the resources required and to optimise prevention strategies. Recent studies show that the number of trauma admissions related to road […]

Orthopaedics in crisis and conflict situations: evidence not heroism

Conflict and crisis situations pose specific challenges for medical care. The only way to cope with them is to apply scientific evidence from an exchange between academic surgeons and their colleagues active in the field. The EFORT Congress in London is a crucial hub at European level for this exchange. London, 6 June 2014 – […]

Nanotechnology has potential to revolutionise orthopaedics – experts call for research into safety

Targeted treatment of bone tumour cells, quantum dots that make individual molecules visible, using polymers to encourage tissue growth: nanotechnology has the potential to revolutionise orthopaedics. But the question of patient safety still needs to be clarified, according to experts at the EFORT Congress in London. London, 5 June 2014 – “Nanotechnology holds enormous potential […]

Revalidation of surgeons: UK example could catch on in Europe

UK surgeons have to revalidate every five years to prove that they are still fit to practice. This example could be followed by other European countries, experts said at the 15th EFORT Congress in London. The European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology promotes a harmonisation of orthopaedic education in Europe. London, 5 […]

International experts seek to improve the quality of orthopaedic care in times of austerity and demographic change

Delivering timely and effective orthopaedic care to an ageing population while healthcare budgets are under pressure are challenges which unite the orthopaedic profession in Europe and beyond. At the EFORT Congress in London, an international panel discussed ways to use limited resources more effectively. London, 5 June 2014 – “Orthopaedic care today is facing a […]

People who are severely overweight need joint replacement twice as often and face double the risk of complications

Obese people need artificial knee joints twice as often as people of normal weight. They also face twice the risk of complications, researchers reported at the EFORT Congress in London. The use of patient specific guides for knee surgeries could be the future method of choice for obese patients. 15th EFORT Congress, London, UK, June 4, […]

Infections in joint surgery: high risk for fracture patients

Postoperative infections after knee or hip joint replacements are among the most feared complications in orthopaedic surgery. At the EFORT Congress in London current research was presented that provides new insights in this field: Fracture patients are especially vulnerable to infection. New biomarkers should improve early diagnosis of risky infections. 15th EFORT Congress, London, UK, 4 […]

Lack of patient safety can endanger the art of medicine

Fifty operations a week are performed in Europe on the wrong part of the patient’s body or on the wrong patients. This lack of patient safety is endangering the successes of medicine and incurring high costs. This urgent issue has therefore been selected as the main topic of the EFORT Congress currently being held in […]

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