EFORT invites you to Istanbul in the early summer of 2013

“One city, two continents” is the perfect description of this wonderful city. Today, Istanbul is a forward-thinking city in an emerging economy, and medical science is one area in which it is especially progressive.

That is why EFORT has chosen to hold its 14th Congress in Istanbul  from 5–8 June 2013.

It takes a degree of courage to choose such an attractive place for a Congress. There is always the risk that the setting will overshadow the Congress itself.

EFORT has all the scientific prestige it takes to stand up to the competition. EFORT has taken care to shape the 14th Congress scientific programme so that it offers an international blend of scientists not only from Europe, of course, but also from the rest of the world.

We have worked hard on the programme and are confident that it will live up to your justifiably high expectations. Its highlights are sure to reignite our passion for our profession.

EFORT received 4,000 abstracts for the Congress, 50% of which have passed successfully through the selection process. As a result, the 2013 Congress programme will feature some 20 European sub-specialties.

The Instructional Lecture series is particularly popular among EFORT Congress delegates. In Istanbul, there will be a mix of new new topics which are important to European orthopaedic community in general, as well as some that have been shown by previous congresses to have enormous appeal.

Some of the most relevant Instructional Lectures to be presented in Istanbul will look at risk factors for postoperative infection, growth modulation in paediatrics, and how to introduce new implants and techniques. Other highlights will include meniscal ligament injuries today.

Congress symposia will include complex elbow fractures, osteoarthritis of the thumb, statistical analysis in orthopaedic clinical studies, and reconstruction after damage control.

The interactive expert exchange format, complex case discussions and discussion forum that were so successful in the Berlin Congress will also return in Istanbul.

Finally we will be debuting a new session entitled Evidence-Based Medicine, covering two topics: metatarsalgia treatment and options, and the treatment of metastases on the spine.

This year’s guests societies SLAOT (Federation of Latin American Societies) and SBOT, (Brazilian Society of Traumatology and Orthopedics) will have a special participation in the scientific program.

We are proud of the feedback we have received, which reveals a great deal of interest in this Congress from middle and far-Eastern countries. As a result, in Istanbul – the gateaway between East and West – you will encounter not only Turkish culture, but also the orthopaedic science and many colleagues from the Far East.

The 14th Congress will be one of the most successful meetings ever. We are sure that you will want to stay longer to discover more about this fascinating country, from which both the tulip and the tradition of coffee originate.

For more information about the preliminary programme of EFORT 2013 please visit the congress website www.efort.org/istanbul2013.  EFORT looks forward to welcoming you to Istanbul from 5–8 June 2013.

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