European Arthroplasty Register Network EAR-N

The EFORT Executive Board recognizes that the European Arthroplasty Register (EAR) has been very successful in helping with the implementation of several registers in Europe. Following the increase of activities and subsequent volume, the partnership between EFORT and EAR needs to be adapted and clear reporting and communication lines must be implemented. The EFORT Executive Board therefore finds it appropriate to realign the structure and re-think the composition of the management and decision procedures.

This is why it was unanimously accepted by the EFORT Executive Committee to develop the concept of an European Arthroplasty Register Network, EAR-N. This concept was presented for the first time during the General Assembly of both EFORT and EAR during the 15th EFORT Congress in London in June 2014. The idea was unanimously approved in general but questions were raised regarding the transition of the Standing Committee of EAR to EAR-N.

The EFORT Executive Board has therefore established the EAR-N leading group with 3 representatives: the EFORT Executive Board (Per Kjaersgaard-Andersen), the EAR structure (Gerold Labek), and a representative of the different National Registries (Rob Nelissen) as suggested at the London EAR General Assembly. The tasks of the EAR-N leading group is to implement change by notably setting up a new EAR-N Steering Group, a group to become an EFORT EAR-N Standing Committee, following the rules and regulations which apply to all the EFORT Standing Committees.

The transition period is expected to be short. The new EAR-N steering group should be officially established during a dedicated meeting at the EFORT Congress in Prague, May 2015.

The new EAR-N steering group will then have full legitimacy to propose the future tasks of the activities of the committee.

EAR-N has already changed its contact address. All further correspondence should be directed to the EFORT Head Office, ZA La Pièce 2, 1180 Rolle, Switzerland, phone +41 21 343 44 00 or at

Prof. Dr.
Rob Nelissen
Board Member
Dutch Arthroplasty Register
Ass. Prof. Dr.
Per Kjaersgaard-Andersen
EFORT Secretary General
Ass. Prof. Dr.
Gerold Labek
EAR Vice President
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