Non-Operative Management

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Brochure presented at the
16th EFORT Annual Congress Prague 2015
– PDF Document – 8 pages – 1.5MB –
Brochure presented at the
15th EFORT Annual Congress London 2014
– PDF Document – 20 pages – 2.5MB –


Post-Operative Pain Management Campaign: Experts’ interviews

As the platform organisation linking Europe’s national orthopaedic associations, the European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (EFORT) partners with Grünenthal to raise further awareness of the unmet needs in Postoperative pain management (POPM) and to develop solutions that improve POPM across Europe.

Over 6 months, we involve pain experts from across Europe in interviews, debates and other discussions to generate a better understanding of physicians’ and patients’ perspectives. The goal of this series is to communicate best practices and increase discussion on POPM in general. It was initially published in Orthopaedics Today Europe, the official newspaper of EFORT.

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