The EFORT press releases webpage provides access to the EFORT official Press Releases that have been released by EFORT on orthopaedic and traumatology  related topics affecting the European orthopaedic and trauma community.

Total knee replacement: international differences in frequency and surgical technique

Countries  vary  considerably  in  the  number  of  cases  in  which  artificial  knee  joints  are employed, according to researchers from the Medical University of Graz (Austria) reporting at the EFORT Congress in Istanbul. Istanbul, 6 June 2013  – “Not only does the rate of knee replacement per inhabitant vary from country to country, so too do […]

Hip fractures: Enhanced recovery and reduction in mortality with local anaesthetics

Using local anaesthetic infiltration has already been shown to reduce pain, morbidity and mortality after elective knee replacement operations. A new study from the UK, presented at the EFORT Congress in Istanbul, shows that this kind of enhanced recovery protocol has many benefits in postoperative care of patients undergoing hip operations. Istanbul, 8  June 2013  […]

New study recommends autologous blood donations prior to knee and hip replacement for selected patients only

Speaking at the EFORT Congress, experts urged that autologous blood donations prior to a knee implants be reserved for anaemic patients only. A new study shows that this approach can save valuable resources. Istanbul, 8 June 2013  – “Patients not suffering from anaemia before an operation do not need autologous blood donations prior to a […]

Orthogeriatric service improves outcomes for elderly patients with a proximal femoral fracture

Around 10% of patients suffering a proximal femoral fracture die within thirty days. A team from the United Kingdom presented a new model of care for elderly orthopaedic inpatients at   the   EFORT   Congress   in   Istanbul.   This   strategy   has   reduced   delays   to   operative intervention, mortality and postoperative complications. Istanbul, 7 June 2013  – Around one in […]

Bone cancer: endoprotheses save legs, growing prostheses for children

Bone  tumours  often  require  major  operations  in  which  substantial  parts  of  an  extremity must be removed. That used to mean amputation. Today, the arm or leg can often be saved thanks  not  least  to  improved  implantable  prostheses.  “Growing”  prostheses  for  children have considerably improved the possibilities for treating young cancer patients according to experts reporting […]

Increased safety in orthopaedic surgery – New tools for assessing

Infections following orthopaedic surgery cause prolonged suffering and multiply the costs of care. They pose a serious problem for the health care sector. A scientific app is meant to assist patients and physicians in assessing possible risks of infection and minimise variable risks prior to implantations. Experts speaking at the EFORT Congress in Istanbul said […]

EFORT joins myclimate to reduce ecological footprint

The European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (EFORT) has entered into a partnership with myclimate, a Swiss-based non-profit foundation that develops and supports projects all over the world that directly reduce greenhouse gases. Zurich, 10 January 2011 – The alliance aims to assure that the specific humanitarian goals of each organization complement rather […]

Madrid 2010: Largest EFORT Congress ever!

EFORT celebrated its 11th Congress in Madrid as a joint congress together with the Spanish Orthopaedic and Traumatology Society (SECOT). The recent EFORT/SECOT Congress, which was held in Madrid from 2-5 June 2010, was without doubt a success as regards attendance and its scientific programme. More than 8,000 active participants registered for the Congress. This […]

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