Award Winners 2016

The Free Paper Awards recognize the three best-rated free paper submissions. The winning submissions receive a certificate during the congress and a monetary prize of €3,000 for gold, €2,000 for silver and €1,000 for bronze. The winning papers of the 17th EFORT Congress Geneva 2016 are:

Till Lerch, Switzerland, and colleagues
Paper Title: Cumulative 30-Year Follow-Up After Bernese Periacetabular Osteotomy | Audio Presentation

Ted Eneqvist, Sweden, and colleagues
Paper Title: Low Back Surgery Prior To Total Hip Replacement Is Associated With Worse Patient-Reported Outcomes | Audio Presentation

Raffaele Vitiello, Italy, and colleagues
Paper Title: Focus On Diabetic Foot Neuroarthropathy: Autoimmunity And Charcot Disease | Audio Presentation

The 10 best-rated poster abstracts of the 17th EFORT Congress Geneva 2016 are:

Award Winner Abstract
Dimosthenis Andreou, Germany, and colleagues
Proximal Humerus Replacement With The Mutars System Following Resection Of Primary Or Secondary Bone Tumors – A Systematic Analysis Of The Reasons For Prosthetic Failure
Deepak Shivarathre, United Kingdom, and colleagues
Long Term Results Following Large Diameter Metal-On-Metal Total Hip Arthroplasty – Increasing Failure Rates After 6 Years
Christopher Jantzen, Denmark, and colleagues
Temporal Trends In Hip Fracture Incidence, Mortality And Co-Morbidity – A Study On The Danish Population From 1996-2012
Kyoung H. Koh, South Korea, and colleagues
How Many Scans Do Novices Need To Reach Competency In Ultrasound Imaging In Detecting Rotator Cuff Pathologies
Scott Evans, United Kingdom, and colleagues
Reconstruction Of The Distal Tibia Following Resection Of Aggressive Bone Lesions Using A Custom-Made Megaprostheses
Chul-Hyun Cho, South Korea, and colleagues
Proper Site Of Steroid Injection For The Treatment Of Idiopathic Frozen Shoulder: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Philippe Hernigou, France, and Charles H. Flouzat Lachaniette, France
Hip Dislocation Prevention In Obese Patients: Dual Mobility Liner And Constrained Liners Versus Preoperative Bariatric Surgery
Alfonso Vaquero-Picado, Spain, and Eugenio Ferrer-Santacreu, Spain
Allografts In Children Aged Under 10 Years Old After Resection Of Malignant Long Bone Tumors: Mid To Long-Term Follow-Up
Young W. Lim, South Korea, and colleagues
Enhanced Biocompatibility Of Co-Cr Alloy By Titanium Powder Coating Using 3D Metal Printing
Lazaros Poultsides, United States, and colleagues
Peri-Operative Outcomes Following Same-Day Bilateral Total Hip Arthroplasty: Does Approach Matter?

The Allied Professions Award is given to the best-rated allied profession paper. The winner receives an award stipend of EUR 500 and a certificate during the congress. In 2016, the winner is:

Award Winner Presentation
Paula Kelly-Pettersson, Sweden, and colleagues
Waiting Time To Surgery Is Correlated With An Increased Risk Of Serious Adverse Events During Hospital Stay In Hip-Fracture Patients: A Single Cohort Study Of 577 Hip Fractures | Audio Presentation

The Trauma Award represents the best-scored abstract submitted on trauma, with the winner receiving a grant of €1,000 and a certificate. The winner of the Geneva 2016 Congress is:

Award Winner Presentation
Richard Holleyman, United Kingdom, and colleagues
Risk Factors For The Development Of Deep Infection Following Hip Fracture Surgery: Analysis Of 2,822 Consecutive Patients

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