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17th EFORT Annual Congress 2016, Geneva, Switzerland (01-03 June 2016)

Three NORE-related sessions are scheduled on Wednesday 1 June 2016 at the 17th EFORT Annual Congress 2016 to be held in Geneva, Switzerland (1-3 June 2016):

  • EFORT Congress 2016 NORE Session
  • EFORT Congress 2016 Registry Session
  • NORE Members Meeting 2016

More information will follow shortly.

Congress websection:

16th EFORT Annual Congress 2015, Prague, Czech Republic (27-29 May 2015)

15th EFORT Annual Congress 2014, London, United Kingdom (4-6 June 2014)

Arthroplasty Registries related presentations at the 16th EFORT Annual Congress Prague 2015

Arthroplasty Registries related presentations at the 15th EFORT Annual Congress London 2014

Arthroplasty Registries related presentations at the 14th EFORT Annual Congress Istanbul 2013

NORE General Meeting

17th EFORT Congress Geneva 2016 | Date: 02 June 2016 | Location: Room 2 | Time: 10:00-12:00 a.m.


1. Review on first year of NORE:

a. Website.
b. Working groups:

i.  Registry Data Reporting working group – Prof. Keijo Mäkela (Finland).
ii. Emerging registries working group.

c. Resume Questionnaire registries.
d. Intervision group.

2. Education: EFORT 2016.
3. Registry presentation: TOTBID: Turkish Orthopaedic and Traumatology Association by Prof. Murat Bozkart.
4. Evaluation tool for implants by Mr. Keith Tucker.
5. Other matters

NORE will also organise a Register Symposium during the 17th EFORT Congress Geneva 2016:

  • Registries and your practice | Wednesday 1 June 2016 | 09:00-10:30 a.m. |

Arthroplasty related International meetings


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