EFORT Invited Nation Programme

Indian Orthopaedic Association (IOA)

Indian Orthopaedic Association (IOA)

EFORT Invited Nation Programme aims at raising awareness and recognition towards the contribution made to the management of musculo-skeletal diseases worldwide and to strengthen ties with colleagues around the globe. In this sense, we are delighted to announce that EFORT honours the Indian Orthopaedic Association (IOA). The IOA will be present themselves with a symposium on Wednesday 30 May, from 15:00 to 16:30 in room Copenhagen as well as with a booth in the exhibition area (D19b).

Born as a fledgling branch of the Association of Surgeons of India in 1955, the Indian Orthopaedic Association has grown over the years to its current strength of 12000+ qualified Orthopaedic surgeons. This represents about half of the actual number of practising professionals in the country. The ratio of almost one orthopod per 50000 population is staggering. Quite certainly, this is an attractive career option for medical students.

Fellowship and training opportunities for new techniques, skills and familiarisation with new implants are easily and almost uniformly available to almost anyone seeking to improve and upgrade themselves in modern techniques. A population of over 1.2 billion ensures that India will have access to the most modern implants and techniques almost instantaneously as anywhere in the developed world. A market as large as ours is undoubtedly very attractive!

Overseas sub-specialty training is almost becoming the norm for almost every student. This has led to vastly improved standards of care even in the sub-specialties. Over the last decade, another interesting trend is becoming apparent. Many surgeons who have trained and served abroad are returning home to the cutting-edge technology.

The growth in the health sector is matched by the buying power. It is little wonder then that Orthopaedics has grown faster in the last decade than it has ever in the past. Theatres fully equipped to high standards for arthroplasty and spine surgery are available in almost every town and city. Almost all the major implant manufacturers have their offices in India and are constantly expanding their reach and inventories to match the growing demands.

Egged on by the unyielding pressure of expensive healthcare, the local Indian instrument manufacturers have moved at breakneck pace to catch up with the leading multinational providers to achieve production of excellent implants, prosthesis and instruments comparable with best available.

Research and innovations are seeing an upswing with younger, sharper and competitive professionals vying for honours and recognition from peers. Conferences and meetings have begun to attract faculty from all over the world and have raised the quality and content of the discussions to benefit all participants. Both institutions and individuals are documenting the work done and presenting them at regional, national and international levels.

Indian Orthopaedics is poised at an exciting juncture. The Indian Journal of Orthopaedics, the official publication of the Indian Orthopaedic Association is an open access, indexed and peer reviewed journal that is attracting international authors in increasing numbers. The IOA is actively engaging with other international associations and forging partnerships and reciprocal programs for mutual benefits. Trauma has always held centre stage. Operative trauma care is seeing a rapid growth as is sports medicine. Arthroplasty is the future for an aging population and for a nation rather late to accept the concept. India is all set to make a favourable impression in the world of Orthopaedics.

The erudite and experienced Indian Orthopaedic Surgeon has immense experience and exposure to regional ailments like osteoarticular tuberculosis, delayed presentations in trauma & recalcitrant diseases treated by alternative treatment modalities.

We predict a huge exodus of high quality contribution from India towards Orthopaedics in the near future. There is large population of patients who are educating us on the management of yet unanswered queries – multidrug to extreme drug to total drug resistance tuberculosis with Osteoarticular manifestations, mangled trauma with late presentations and complex sequelae of untreated congenital or metabolic bone and joint issues.

The coming decade will see India as a leading force in Healthcare specifically Orthopaedics considering the commitment of my colleagues & thirst for both knowledge and wisdom.

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