The project called EFORT Fora, launched in 2002, aims at organising specific EFORT symposia during the annual congresses of our member National Societies.

The initial idea was to choose one topic for several events, e.g.  Thromboprophylaxis, and let European experts from various countries discuss it to clarify different European criteria and arrive at new standards. The concept was very well accepted, but the problem was to find European speakers ready to deal with the same topic during numerous events. On the other hand, the national expectations from such symposia are distinct from country to country.

Consequently, EFORT changed the format of the project and decided to organize these European Fora on specific topics non-related between them but rather embedded in the topics highlighted in each national congress.  Today, under the supervision of our Fora Chair, Prof. George Macheras from Athens – Greece, EFORT organizes around 10 European Fora each year.

We plan to provide updates on a variety of hot topics within orthopaedics and traumatology. National Societies are free to choose a topic and propose a two-to–four-hour session during their yearly congress. Half of the speakers come from the organising National Society and the other half should be appointed by EFORT from other European countries.

In recent years the EFORT Fora have enjoyed a very high scientific level and provided an excellent exchange between National Societies and EFORT. Accordingly, the interest in such Fora has grown significantly.

2 February 2017 - Safety and complications
EFORT Fora at the Netherlands Orthopaedic Association Congress 2017 in s-Hertogenbosch’, Netherlands
Programme (PDF document, 109kb, 1 page)

28 April 2017 - Revision ACL reconstruction
EFORT Fora at the South East European Forum on Orthopaedics and Traumatology in Dubrovnik, Croatia
Programme (PDF document, 116kb, 1 page)

27 September 2017 - Knee orteoarthritis in young adult: Surgical options
EFORT Fora at the 54th SECOT Congress 2017 in Barcelona, Spain
Programme (PDF document, 170kb, 1 page)

13 October 2017 - Femoropatellar Joint: From the Adolescence to the Arthritis
EFORT Fora at the HAOST Congress 2017
Programme (PDF document, 175kb, 1 page)

19 October 2017 - Diagnosis and management of infected total knee arthroplasty
EFORT Fora at the SOROT Congress 2017 in Timisoara, Romania
Programme (PDF document, 170kb, 1 page)

20 October 2017 - Challenges in paediatric trauma
EFORT Fora at the 102th SIOT Congress 2017 in Palermo, Italy
Programme (PDF document, 331kb, 1 page)

24 October 2017 - Fast track surgery opportunity or threats?
EFORT Fora at the DGOU Congress 2017  in Berlin, Germany
Programme (PDF document, 236kb, 1 page)

25 October 2017 - Trauma / Lower Extremity reconstruction
EFORT Fora at the TOTBID Congress 2017 in Antalya, Turkey
Programme (PDF document, 178kb, 1 page)

27 October 2017 - The Multiligament Injured Knee
EFORT Fora at the SPOT Congress 2017 in Coimbra, Portugal
Programme (PDF document, 176kb, 1 page)

28 October 2017 - Musculoskeletal Tumours
EFORT Fora at the Pancyprian Orthopaedics Conference in Nicosia, Cyprus
Programme (PDF document, 174kb, 1 page)

7 November 2017 - Short stems in primary THA : are they safe and effective
EFORT Fora at the SOFCOT Congress 2017 in Paris, France
Programme (PDF document, 176kb, 1 page)


29 April 2016 – Registry & Quality in Arthroplasty
EFORT Fora at the Orthopaedica Belgica 2016 meeting in Knokke, Belgium.
Programme (PDF document, 99kb, 1 page)

13 May 2016 - Open fractures
EFORT Fora at the LSOT 2016 in Palanga, Lithuania.
Programme (PDF document, 105kb, 1 page)

13 May 2016 -  Unhappy Hip Replacement
EFORT Fora at the BOTA  2016 meeting in Varna, Bulgaria.
Programme (PDF document, 108kb, 1 page)

23 September 2016 – Modern methods and prospects of bone and soft tissue tumour treatment
EFORT Fora at the XLI Scientific Congress of PTOiTR 2016 in Lublin, Poland.
Programme (PDF document, 100kb, 1 page)

24 September 2016 – Polytrauma
EFORT Fora at the 2016 Medfort Conference of COAST in Larnaca, Cyprus.
Programme (PDF document, 103kb, 1 page)

29 September 2016 - Open fractures: Update in 2016
EFORT Fora at the 53th Congress of SECOT 2016  in A Coruña, Spain.
Programme (PDF document, 105kb, 1 page)

14 October 2016 – Advances in the Treatment of the Spinal Injuries
EFORT Fora at the HAOST 2016 meeting in Athens, Greece.
Programme (PDF document, 90kb, 1 page)

14 October 2016 – Modern Trends in Hip Arthroplasty
EFORT Fora at the V Congress of Serbian Orthopaedic and Trauma Association – SOTA 2016, Belgrade, Serbia
Programme (PDF document, 104kb, 1 page)

26 October 2016 - Turkish Arthroplasty Registry
EFORT Fora at the 26th Turkish National Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology in Antalya, Turkey.
Programme (PDF document, 107kb, 1 page)

28 October 2016 - Advances in hip preserving surgery techniques
EFORT Fora at the 36th Congress of  SPOT in Porto, Portugal.
Programme (PDF document, 100kb, 1 page)

28 October 2016 - Surviving polytrauma the first week? How to manage common problems and pitfalls
EFORT Fora at the 101th National Congress of  SIOT in Turin, Italy.
Programme (PDF document, 104kb, 1 page)


23 April 2015 – Joint Preserving Knee Reconstruction
EFORT Fora at the SEEFORT Congress in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Programme (PDF document, 96kb, 1 page)

24 September 2015 – Floating knee injuries: Treatment options and clinical results
EFORT Fora at the SECOT Congress, Valencia, Spain.
Programme (PDF document, 102kb, 1 page)

25 September 2015 – Complications of proximal femur fracture fixation: Surgical solutions
EFORT Fora at the 3rd congress of KSOTS “Pristina Hip Congress 2015”, Pristina, Kosovo.
Programme (PDF document, 97kb, 1 page)

9 October 2015 – Overuse Syndromes in Orthopaedics
EFORT Fora at the 71st  Annual HAOST Orthopaedic Conference, Athens, Greece.
Programme (PDF document, 99kb, 1 page)

21 October 2015 – Burning Issues in Fracture management: Open fractures and limb reconstruction
EFORT Fora at the DKOU Congress, Berlin, Germany.
Programme (PDF document, 99kb, 1 page)

22 October 2015 – Osteo-articular and soft tissue sarcomas, diagnosis and treatment
EFORT Fora at the 16th SOROT Congress, Bucharest, Romania.
Programme (PDF document, 102kb, 1 page)

24 October 2015 - Revision total hip Arthroplasty
EFORT Fora at the Cyprus Association of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology (CAOST) Congress, Nicosia, Cyprus.
Programme (PDF document, 102kb, 1 page)

27 October – Distal Radius Fractures ‘Current Concepts in Surgery
EFORT Fora at the Turkish Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology Congress, Antalya, Turkey.
Programme (PDF document, 189kb, 1 page)

30 October 2015 – Advances in the management of thoracolumbar spinal fractures
EFORT Fora at the 35th Congress of SPOT, Porto, Portugal.
Programme (PDF document, 114kb, 1 page)

7 November 2015 – Distal femoral osteoporotic fractures: Joint replacement or ORIF?
EFORT Fora at the 100th SIOT Congress, Rome, Italy.
Programme (PDF document, 104kb, 1 page)


25 April 2014 – Distal Radius Fractures “Current Concepts in Surgery”
EFORT Fora at the LTOD Congress in Kaunas, Lithuania.
Programme (PDF document, 285kb, 4 pages)

18 September 2014 – Arthroplasty registers
EFORT Fora at the PTOiTR Congress in Wrocław, Poland.
Programme (PDF document, 308kb, 4 pages)

03 October 2014 – Challenges in the treatment of young patients hip diseases
EFORT Fora at the SOTA Congress in Belgrade, Serbia.
Programme (PDF document, 312kb, 4 pages)

03 October 2014 – Young Arthritic Knee
EFORT Fora at the HAOST Congress in Athens, Greece.
Programme (PDF document, 311kb, 4 pages)

09 October 2014 – Controversies in Paediatric Orthopaedic Trauma
EFORT Fora at the SECOT Congress in Madrid, Spain
Programme (PDF document, 284kb, 4 pages)

17 October 2014 – Complications of proximal femoral fracture fixation
EFORT Fora at the BRSMTOS Congress in Minsk, Belarus.
Programme (PDF document, 270kb, 4 pages)

24 October 2014 – Foot and Ankle Arthroscopic Forum
EFORT Fora at the SPOT Congress in Algarve, Portugal.
Programme (PDF document, 308kb, 4 pages)

08 November 2014 – Soft tissue injuries of the shoulder
EFORT Fora at the CAOAST Congress in Limassol, Cyprus.
Programme (PDF document, 291kb, 4 pages)

13 November 2014 – The social and economic value of orthopaedic surgery
EFORT Fora at the SOFCOT Congress in Paris, France.
Programme (PDF document, 293kb, 4 pages)

22 November 2014 – Severe lower extremity fractures: Limb salvage or amputation?
EFORT Fora at the SIOT Congress in Rome, Italy.
Programme (PDF document, 325kb, 4 pages)


28 June 2013 – Periprosthetic fractures associated with total hip and total knee replacement
EFORT Fora at the MOT/HOA Congress in Budapest, Hungary.
Programme (PDF document, 736kb, 4 pages)

13 September 2013 – Modern trends in arthroplasty
EFORT Fora at the ÖGO Congress in Krems an der Donau, Austria.
Programme (PDF document, 802kb, 4 pages)

2 October 2013 – Open fractures on the leg
EFORT Fora during the HAOST Congress in Athens, Greece.
Programme (PDF document, 781kb, 4 pages)

3 October 2013 – Modern treatment of malignant bone tumors
EFORT Fora during the SOROT Congress in Cluj Napoca, Romania.
Programme (PDF document, 705kb, 4 pages)

26 October 2013 – Polytrauma: What to do after damage control
EFORT Fora during the SIOT Congress in Genova, Italy.
Programme (PDF document, 793kb, 4 pages)

30 October 2013 – Current treatment concepts in locked plating
EFORT Fora during the TSOT/TOTBID Congress in Antalya, Turkey.
Programme (PDF document, 713kb, 4 pages)

31 October 2013 – Degenerative knee. The challenge with the young and active patient
EFORT Fora during the SPOT Congress in Albufeira, Portugal.
Programme (PDF document, 761kb, 4 pages)

12 November 2013 – Tibial pilon fractures: An update
EFORT Fora during the SOFCOT Congress in Paris, France.
Programme (PDF document, 754kb, 4 pages)

16 November 2013 – Management of Knee Sports-Related Injuries in Adolescent Athletes
EFORT Fora during the CAOST Congress in Paphos, Cyprus.
Programme (PDF document, 709kb, 4 pages)

29 November 2013 – Bone regeneration
EFORT Fora during the ETOS Congress in Tallinn, Estonia.
Programme (PDF document, 775kb, 4 pages)

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