Instructional Lectures (IL)


IL publication (EFORT Open Reviews special congress print)

As of the 17th EFORT Congress in Geneva, our traditional Instructional Lectures will be published in a special congress print and on the online issue of the new open access journal EFORT Open Reviews (EOR; All delegates of the annual Congress  will receive this special printed edition of our EOR journal in their bag.

IL presentation (onsite)

The Instructional Lecture (IL) session is scheduled for 60 minutes: 45 minutes of presentation by the lecturer and a 15-minute discussion, led by the moderator, between the lecturer and the participants.

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17th EFORT Congress, Geneva 01-03 June 2016
Programme for the Instructional Lectures (IL – 60 minutes)
** Please note that the article titles on the print issue and online platform of EOR,
as well as on the EFORT website correspond to the definitive versions of the Instructional Lectures.
There may be some discrepancies with the printed version of the EFORT scientific
programme which will also be distributed on site.
PDF version (3 pages, 40kb)
PDF version (3 pages, 40kb)

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17th EFORT Congress 2016 Geneva, CH | 01-03 June
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