Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)

The session is 60 minutes long.

The organiser presents three specific questions related to a main topic and the attendants answer to these questions.

Each invited Faculty analyzes the results corresponding to one of the three questions.

A final discussion is held together with the organiser.

Title Topic Day Time
Femur Fractures In Children Paediatric Trauma Miscellaneous Wed.
4 June
The Current Best Evidence For Pharmaceutical Thrombo-Prophylaxis In Total Hip And Knee Arthroplasty
Miscellaneous General Topics
5 June
Thoraco Lumbar Spine Fractures Without Neurological Impairment Spine Trauma Epidemiology, Prevention & Diagnosis Fri.
6 June

Download the EBM programme (PDF document – 1 page – 76kb)

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15th EFORT Congress 2014 London, UK | 4-6 June
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