Interactive Experts Exchange (IEE)

Each session may include:

1. Introduction
The moderator introduces the topics & the audience answers 10 open questions during an initial voting session (5 min, with electronic system). The speakers present evidence linked to the questions that have been addressed previously (5 x 5 min) as a theoretical symposium.

2. Discussion
Break-out in groups (5 x 20 participants), in which the speakers present the cases and ask „what would you do?“ to stimulate audience input.

3. Summary
Each speaker presents their conclusions as a prelude to a second voting session. The concluding remarks between the moderator and the speakers are based on the voting results.

Primary target attendees: Confirmed specialists and senior consultants. Pre-registration is mandatory

Registration: Registration for the IEE is available within the main congress registration process.

The programme for each session is produced in cooperation with the appropriate European Speciality Society. There will be one or two IEE session(s) each day.

Title Topic Day Time
Osteochondral Lesion Of The Ankle Foot & Ankle Orthopaedics Joint Preserving Surgery & Soft-tissue Repair Wed.
4 June
Femoral Head Size: How To Decide?
Pelvis, Hip & Femur Orthopaedics
Joint Replacement – Primary
4 June
The Options For The Young Arthritic Knee Knee & Lower Leg Orthopaedics Joint Preserving Surgery & Soft-tissue Repair Thu.
5 June
BOA – AOA: Treatment Of Bone Defects – From Bone Cement To Bone Substitutes, Growth Factors And Stem Cells
Basic Sciences General Topics
6 June
Elbow Fracture In The Elderly. What Is Different? Elbow & Forearm Trauma Epidemiology, Prevention & Diagnosis Fri.
6 June

Download the IEE programme (PDF document – 1 page – 62kb)

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