EFORT Vienna 2017 Resource Centre

resVIE17_670x150In this resources section, you will find downloadable EFORT artwork for your website to promote our upcoming 18th EFORT Congress that will take place in Vienna, Austria from the 31 May to the 02  June 2017.

We offer you the possibility to choose from two types of artwork a horizontal banner and a square mark.

We thank you for your collaboration and please do not hesitate to contact us at congress@efort.org should you need any further information.


EFORT17_rhombus_220x220 VIE2017_220x220
Type: Web banner
Size: 200×200 pixels (JPG – 55kb)
Size: 220×220 pixels (JPG – 45kb)
Size: 250×250 pixels (JPG – 75kb)
Size: 300×300 pixels (JPG – 110kb)
Type: Web banner
Size: 220×220 pixels (PNG – 65kb)
EFORT2017_banner_220x220px EFORT17_sample_rect
Type: Web banner
Size: 1024×101 pixels (PNG – 80kb)
Size: 960×100 pixels (PNG – 68kb)
Size: 728×90 pixels (PNG – 68kb)
Type: Web banner
Size: 720×300 pixels (PJG – 180kb)
EFORT17_banner_ver_sample EFORT17_email_signature_220
Type: Web banner 
Size: 240×400 pixels (PNG – 105kb)
Type: email signature
Size: 300×64 pixels (PNG – 55kb)

This Resources centre contains photos and images owned by EFORT, or authorised to be used by EFORT. By accessing the material you accept the following terms and conditions:

  1. The use of this material shall be time limited until a week after the end of the congress, meaning until 10 June 2017
  2. Do not digitally alter photos or images for the website use as well as for any publication or reproduction
  3. Do not sub-licence, resell or make any photos or images available for separate downloading
  4. Do not use photos or images in any defamatory or illegal manner, or contrary to the interests of EFORT
  5. Do not use photos or images in a manner that represents the use or endorsement of a product or service, or to make a false association with other organisations
  6. Photos or images which are used for publication require the acknowledgement of EFORT as the source of the material

© EFORT – all rights reserved. Copyright in this page and in the information
and material therein and in their arrangement, is owned by EFORT.

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18th EFORT Congress 2017 Vienna, AT | 31 May - 02 June
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