Symposia (S)


Session Structure

The session is 90 minutes long. It consists of 4 presentations of 15 minutes and 30 minutes of discussion between participants and the audience.

Four orthopaedic surgeons (no more than two from the same country) give related presentations on one single main topic (e.g.: fractures of the radial head: fix, replace, remove). Each presenter discusses a sub-topic and its best indications/techniques. Together with the moderator, the whole group discusses the different aspects treated and conclude on the best option for the practice.

18th EFORT Congress, Vienna 31 May-02 June 2017
Programme for the Symposia (S – 90 minutes)
The online advanced version of the scientific programme is available here

(PDF Document, 30 kb, 3 pages)


(PDF Document, 30 kb, 3 pages)

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18th EFORT Congress 2017 Vienna, AT | 31 May - 02 June
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