Interactive Experts Exchange (IEE)


These sessions are defined as closed discussions within a small group of surgeons in an informal setup. Among the educational assets of this session format we can emphasise the high involvement of experts with a very specific expertise. Analysis of the possible changes in the medical opinion will be assessed on the target audience consisting of confirmed specialists and senior consultants.

Session structure IEEs are conducted by 5 Faculty members around a slot of 2 hours divided as follows:

  • Introduction: The moderator introduces 5 topics and the audience answers 10 open questions (each topic associated to 2 major questions) during an initial voting session (10 min).
  • Presentations: The speakers present evidence linked to each topic and to the questions that have been addressed previously as a theoretical symposium (50 minutes, 5 presentations).
  • Discussion: Each speaker discusses cases related to their topic and introduces the question “What would you do?” to promote the input of the audience. A group of challengers are invited. A conclusion is formulated after the exchange and a second voting session (1 hour).
  • Primary target attendees: Confirmed specialists and senior consultants.
  • Maximum capacity: 80 participants on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • The IEE are paying sessions and a pre-registration is mandatory. IEE sessions may be attended only if the participant is already registered for the Congress.

For further details on each session fee and attendance, please consult the Congress online registration platform.

18th EFORT Congress, Vienna 31 May-02 June 2017
Preliminary Programme for the Interactive Expert Exchange (IEE – 2 hours)
All titles are subject to change.
Detailed programme will be available in early Winter 2017.


PDF document (25kb, 1 page)

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18th EFORT Congress 2017 Vienna, AT | 31 May - 02 June
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